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Aires for Ari

20.5.2023 Invitation au voyage

Special Family Concert, Annette Studio, Tel Aviv

Reut Ventorero - soprano, Nadav Cohen - bassoon,

Na'ama Tamir Kaplan - piano

Women Gifts

Lyrics: Tal Schachar

International Women's Day Concert,

March 9, 2023 - Beit Hasofer, Kaplan 6 Tel Aviv

by Tali Ketzef - soprano, Danny Erdman - clarinet,

Hagai Yodan - piano

Letter to Heaven (2021, commissioned by Trio Radial)

26.03.2023 | 12:00 | Studio der Südwestdeutschen Philharmonie Konstanz

HighNoon – Freunde Neuer Musik e.V.

26.05.2023 | KunstKulturKirche | Thüringer Str. 35, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

The Same Word - music from 4 religions by me, along with

Colin Britt, Suad Bushnaq and Steven Tanuto 

September 10th, 2023 at 18:00

at Kirche am Markt, Blankenese bei Hamburg

Premiere at the Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg - February 11, 2023

St. Georg February 12, 2023

Album Launch Concert - "Songs for Anna"

Anna Spitz - singer, Danny Erdman - clarinet, Adiel Shmit - cello,

Na'ama Tamir Kaplan - compositions, arrangements and piano

Acum Beit Hyotzer, Tel Aviv port - 21.12.22 at 20:00

Songs for Anna album - Please enter this link

Vocalise (2022)

for soprano and piano

Trisim (Blinds)

Lyrics: Cylia Kestin
Love Songs by Israeli Composers 

August 11th, 2022 at 20:00 at Beit Hasofer, Tel Aviv
by soprano Keren Hadar, violist Eliana Lovenberg

and pianist Tal Haim Samnon

Two Birds

for soprano, clarinet and cello

Lyrics: Dana Leshem-Ezra

commissioned by Shulamit Trio

Stuttgart, Erlöserkirche - February 23rd, 2022

Silesia Sonans Festival, Poland - September 2nd, 2021 (premiere)

Jesters (premiere)

Music & Arts Center, Ra'anana - July 7th, 2021

by Ra'anana Symphonette, Keren Kagarlitsky - conductor,

Ziv Shalit - singer-actor

Four Songs for baritone and piano

Lyrics: Nathan Zach

Israeli Music Festival - The Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv,

December, 2020, Israel 

by Yair Polishuk - baritone, Yael Karet - piano

Lullaby for Ari

Rondo a-la-Pan for Pan flute and piano (2020)

Black Viola for two solo violas and violas orchestra

A Gala Concert with guests from the Blackfoot First Nation People of Alberta,


Old Royal Naval College Chapel, Greenwich, London - February 18th, 2020

Soloists: Rivka Golani and Peter Barsony

Concertino for piano solo (2019)

Songs for Anna

The Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee Chamber Music Festival -

July 14th, 2019

House concert, Ramat Gan - June 29th, 2019

by Anna Spitz, Danny Erdman, Adiel Shmit Binur and Na'ama Tamir Kaplan

Movies, for String Quartet (2012)

The Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv, June 4th 2019,

by the Israel Contemporary String Quartet

Hamishte (The Feast)

Cecilia Ensemble, Musical Director: Guy Peltz

The Israel Conservatory of Music in Tel Aviv - May 25th, 2019

The Israel Festival 2019

Ein Kerem Music Center in Jerusalem, Israel - June 15th, 2019

Children March

Youth Orchestras Concert

(Collaboration between the Israel Composers League and 

Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality

Tel Aviv - Yafo Music Center - by Neve Eliezer Youth Orchestra;

conductor, Ory Strayv - April 7th, 2019

Neve Eliezer community center, Tel Aviv June 30th, 2019


Viola and piano version

University of Colorado, Boulder - by violist Pamela Ryan - January 26th, 2019​

Viola recital - "An Evening of Music by Jewish Composers" (world premier)

Florida State University in Tallahasseby violist Pamela Ryan -

January 23rd, 2019​


Viola and chamber orchestra (revised version)

Israeli Music Festival in Haifa, by violist Rivka Golani, 

Israel Chamber Orchestra conducted by Yaniv Dinur - September 12th, 2018


Piano solo - 2018

Concert pianist Sophie Lippert performs live on All Classical Portland Radio, July 21 2022

(7/21: Thursdays @ Three)


Bass clarinet solo - 2018

written for the SYNTHETIS International Summer Course for Composers

in Radziejowice, Poland (August 2018)                                                       


Trombone solo - 2018

written for the SYNTHETIS International Summer Course for Composers

in Radziejowice, Poland (August 2018)


6 Miniatures for 3 Players 

arranged for the E-MEX ensemble, 

for the SYNTHETIS International Summer Course for Composers

in Radziejowice, Poland (August 2018)

6 Miniatures for 6 Players 

Violin, double bass, clarinet, bassoon,  trumpet, trombone - 2018

Encore (to Radek)

Horn solo

Hamburger Kammermusikfest International, November 12th, 2018, by Radek Baborák

Opus Festival in Tel Aviv Museum of Art, April 2017 by Radek Baborák


Hinach Yafa (Behold, thou art fair, my love) 

Soprano and Piano

Haifa University - December 8th, 2015

From the Bottom of My Sole

Piano solo - 2015 

From the Bottom of My Hurt

Piano solo

The Heartbeat of Tel Aviv series (Tel Aviv Museum of Art) by Irena Friedland - December 22nd, 2018

The Pianos Festival in Jerusalem, by Dan Zuili - October 26th, 2018

Israeli Music Festival in Tel Aviv, by Irena Friedland - September 14th, 2018 

The Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee Chamber Music Festival, by Irena Friedland - July 11st, 2018

International Women's Day Festival in Riga, Latvia by Irena Friedland - March 8th, 2015

Piano recital in the framework of the Haifa University Concert Series, Hecht Auditorium, by Yoni Farhi - January 1st, 2015

Piano recital in Bar Ilan University, by Yoni Farhi - January 18th, 2016

Spring Illusions

Chamber Orchestra (commissioned by the Israel Camerata Jerusalem)

Yamagata Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Radek Baborák - October 2016, Yamagata, Japan

The Israel Camerata Jerusalem, conducted by Ronen Borshevsky - November 2014, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem and Carmiel



Celli quartet (commissioned by Limoncello Quartet, for the Israel Festival 2014)

Limoncello Quartet - June 2014, Ein Kerem Music Centre in Jerusalem, Israel

Small Talk (Music for Dance)

Melodica, clarinet, viola, cello and electroincs

February 19th, 2014 - Make sounD performance, Mahsan 2, Jaffa Port, Israel

Trio for Horn, Cello and Piano

Jadin Trio - February, 2017 - Echo Fundation donation concert, at Vavřince pod Petřínem, Prague 

Actually (based on text from the press)

Commissioned by Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble
Conducted by Barak Tal, with soloist Keren Hadar and Tel Aviv Collegium Singers October 2012, Tel Aviv Art Museum, Kefar Shmariahu, Haifa, Jerusalem - YMCA - September 17th, 2015, Haifa, 18th Israeli Music Festival


Viola and orchestra

September 2012 Reading rehearsal, by the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, with the violist Itamar Ringel, conducted by Frederic Chaslin

Passage, for Cello and Piano

July 2012, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Adiel Shmit - cello, Na'ama Tamir Kaplan - piano

Four Songs, for children choir (2012, Not Performed)
(lyrics by Dan Pagis)


ODE LA’EL (Ode to the Lord) for oboe quintet

May 13th, 2013 1st Prize at the composing competition Klang der Welt, Deutsche Oper Berlin


October 2012, From the Cabaret Show The City As If
Exhibition Open of the Philadelphia Holocaust, Remembrance Foundation, Philadelphia
Pennsylvania, 2012

Sketches, for Harp solo

1st Prize at the composing competition of the American Harp Society of Dallas
February 28th, 2015 by Laura Logan Brandenburg At the St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, Texas

The London-Jerusalem Music Project:

May 2011, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, Israel

March 2012, London's Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

Hamishte (The Feast)

April 23, 2012, Jerusalem Theatre
The JAMD Chamber Choir, Conducted by Stanley Sperber


Between 4 Bows (Music for Dance)

Viola and cello

March 9th, 2011 - International Women's Day Festival in Holon, Israel

Four Songs, for baritone, viola and guitar (2009, Not performed)

(lyrics by Natan Zach)


Mahmad Levavi (My Sweetheart) 

Voice, recorder, piano and percussion

2008, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Shirat Hechalil (Song of the Flute)

Voice, recorder, piano and percussion

2008, The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance

Shir Elaiych (A Song To You)

Voice and piano

March 9, 2009

Valse Lehaganat Hatome'ach (Waltz for Nature Protection)

Lyrics and Music: Naomi Shemer
Chen Levi - mezzo-soprano

The Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva, with conductor Karin Ben-Yosef
Tzlilim Bamidbar Festival in Sde Boker - December 2009

Naama Tamir Kaplan

Photo: Mushon Tamir

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